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AS Series Hardware Select a series to drill down to the part numbers in that series

Tube Elbows

Tube Crosses

Solid Rivets

Lubrication Fittings

Self-Locking Nuts

Plain Hexagon Nuts

Preformed Packings

Retaining Rings

Machine Screws

Conical Flared Tube Fitting Seals

Conical Seals

Flared Tube Fitting Sleeves

Misc Bolts

Pipe Couplings

Pipe Nipples

Boss Crosses

Pipe Plugs

Threaded Tube Fitting Plugs

Boss Nipples

Machine Thread Plugs

Straight Tube To Boss Adapters

Tube Nipples

Tube Reducers

Tube Fitting Locknuts

Straight Pipe To Boss Adapters

Pipe To Tube Elbows

Screw Thread Inserts

Protective Dust and Moisture Caps

Protective Dust and Moisture Plugs

Pin-rivet Collars