Aeronautical Standard Close Tolerance Bolt

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cadmium plated steel - length: 2 25/32" - grip: 2 5/16" - thread: 1/4-28 - drilled shank

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AN174-26 Features and Spec.

Thread Class:
Thread Direction:
Thread Length:
0.469 inches minimum
Fastener Length:
2.781 inches nominal
Head Style:
Head Height:
0.140 inches minimum and 0.172 inches maximum
Width Between Flats:
0.428 inches minimum and 0.440 inches maximum
Grip Diameter:
0.2487 inches minimum and 0.2492 inches maximum
Shank Unthreaded Hole Diameter:
0.076 inches nominal first hole
Thread Diameter:
0.250 inches
Grip Length:
2.312 inches nominal
Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi):
Min. Tensile Strength (psi):
125000 pounds per square inch
Hardness Rating:
26.0 rockwell c minimum overall and 32.0 rockwell c maximum overall
Distance From Head Largest Bearing Surface To Shank Hole Center:
2.624 inches nominal first hole
Surface Finish:
63.0 microinches bearing surface of head
Surface Finish:
63.0 microinches grip
Steel comp 8740 overall or steel comp 8630 overall or steel comp 8735 overall or steel comp 4140 overall or steel comp 4130 overall or steel comp 4037 overall
Material Specification:
Mil-s-6049 mil spec 1st material response overall or mil-s-6050 mil spec 2nd material response overall or mil-s-6098 mil spec 3rd material response overall or mil-s-5626 mil spec 4th material response overall or mil-s-6758 mil spec 5th material response overall or ams 6300 assn std 6th material response overall
Surface Treatment:
Cadmium overall and chromate overall
Surface Treatment Specification:
Qq-p-416,ty 2,cl 3 fed spec all treatment responses overall
Thread Series Designator:

Additional Information

SKU / Model: AN17426
Minimum Qty (MOQ): 5
NSN: 5306-00-180-1745
FSC: Bolts / 5306
National Motor Freight: 093486, Bolts,nuts Or Screws, Noi (sub 3)
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