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$14.34 Each
Threaded Tube Fitting Plug

Picture of MS21913D3

outside diameter: 3/16", hex head, flareless, aluminum alloy 2024, MS21913 series fitting

$1.50 Each
Self-Locking Hexagon Nut

Picture of 22FH524

22FH524 Self Locking Hexagon Nut

$0.96 Each

Picture of AS3209-019

High temp, fluid resistant, very low compression set, fluorocarbon rubber ring

$0.84 Each
Socket Head Cap Screw

Picture of NAS1352N02-3

Fastener Length: 3/16", Thread: 2-56, Head Width: 5/64", Thread Length: 3/16",

$22.74 Each
Threaded Tube Fitting Plug

Picture of AS5168-12

Outer diameter: 3/4", thread: 1-1/16-12, flared tube plug steel, AS5168 series fitting

$10.20 Each
Flared Tube Fitting Sleeve

Picture of AS4824N05

AS4824 series sleeve

$3.60 Each
Plain Blind Rivet Nut

Picture of NAS1329C3KB130

Thread Size: 1/4", Nut Length: 7/8", Rivnut, fine thread, NAS1329 series nut

$0.72 Each
Plain Blind Rivet Nut

Picture of NAS1329A08-75

grip range: 0.010 - 0.075", thread: 8-32, flat head, aluminum alloy, NAS1329 series nut

$1.25 Each
Flat Washer

Picture of NAS1149D1216K

Size: 3/4", thickness 1/32", aluminum alloy (2024-t3), annodized finish (gray colored)

$0.27 Each

Picture of MS27183-2

Hole Diameter: 3/32", Diameter: 1/4", Thickness: 1/64

$0.78 Each
Self-Locking Nutplate

Picture of MS21069-06

Thread: 6-32, self-locking, two lug reduced rivet spacing low height, cadmium plated carbon steel, without dry film lube, plain rivet holes

$0.66 Each
Plain Blind Rivet Nut

Picture of 95105A115

Thread: 6-32, drill bit size: 17/64", material thickness: 0.08"- 0.13", zinc yellow chromate plated steel, ribbed, rivnut


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