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$59.95 Each
Airframe Ball Bearing

heavy duty double row self-aligning anti-friction airframe, MS27643 series bearing

$18.95 Each
Straight Pipe To Boss Adapter

tube outer diameter: 1/4" pipe diameter: 1/4", thread: 7/16-20, straight pipe to flared tube, corrosion resistant steel, AN816 series fittin [...]

$0.55 Each
Plain Clinch Nut

Thread Size: 1/8", Nut Height: 1/8", CLS-832 series nut

$0.55 Each
Plain Clinch Nut

Thread: 8-32, Thread Size: 1/8", Nut Height: 1/8", CLS-832 series nut

$0.28 Each
Plain Clinch Nut

Thread Size: 1/8", Nut Height: 1/8", self clinching, 300 series stainless steel, CLS-256 series nut

$1.20 Each
Self-Locking Hexagon Nut

Thread Size: 1/8", Nut Height: 1/8", Head Width: 1/4",

$8.95 Each
Socket Head Cap Screw

Fastener Length: 2-1/4", Thread: 1/4-24, Head Width: 1/4", Thread Length: 1-1/8",

$0.85 Each
Self-Locking Extended Washer Nut

thread: 1/4-28, self locking, hex, low height, light weight, corrosion resistant steel, NAS1291 series nut

$1.30 Each
Self-Locking Extended Washer Nut

thread: 2-56, reduced hexagon, reduced height, cad plated steel, dry film lubricated, MS21042 series nut

$15.75 Each
Machine Screw

Fastener Length: 1-9/32", Thread: 1/4-18, Head Width: 3/16", Thread Length: 0-63/64", MS24671 series screw

$0.25 Each
Recessed Washer

to fit size: 3/8", countersunk, high strength, cadmium plated alloy steel, MS20002 series washer

$3.50 Each
Machine Bolt

Fastener Length: 1-5/16", Thread: 3/8-24, Thread Length: 9/16


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