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$4.00 Each
Pin-Rivet Collar

Picture of HL70-5

Diameter: 5/32" shear application, aluminum alloy, red anodized, HL70 series collar. The standard collar is tamper proof because it cannot be rem [...]

$1.95 Each
Blind Rivet

Picture of CR3213-5-3

Fastener Length: 1/4", CR3213 series rivet

$1.95 Each
Blind Rivet

Picture of CR3213-5-03

diameter: 5/32", grip range: 0.126" - 0.187", universal head, aluminum sleeve, steel stem, use G27 installation tool, CR3213503, CR3213 [...]

$28.00 Each
Hose Clamp

Picture of NAS1924-30

NAS1924 series clamp

$1.70 Each
Nonmetallic Grommet

Picture of MS35489-10

inner diameter: 5/16 groove diameter: 3/4" groove width: 1/16", synthetic rubber grommet, hot oil and coolant resistant

$1.40 Each
Spring Pin

Picture of MS16562-218

length: 1", diameter: 3/32", tubular slotted, corrosion resistant steel

$0.65 Each
Machine Screw

Picture of MS24693-C100

Length: 1-1/4", thread: 1/4-20, flat head

$0.65 Each
Machine Screw

Picture of MS24693C100

Length: 1-1/4", thread: 1/4-20, flat head

$1.70 Each
Loop Clamp

Picture of MS21919WDG4

diameter: 1/4", cushioned, aluminum with chloroprene cushion, MS21919 series clamp

$0.53 Each

Picture of MS28775-110

inner diameter: 0.362, thickness: 0.103", preformed packing, hydraulic

$0.26 Each
Lock Washer

Picture of MS35338-46

Fits Diameter: 3/8", carbon steel, split style, MS35338 series washer

$0.47 Each
Blind Rivet

Picture of MS20605S3W7

MS20605 series rivet


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