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CR3214-5-5 Blind Rivet
2.20 USD

Fastener Length: 3/8",

CR3214-5-05 Blind Rivet
2.20 USD

diameter: 5/32", grip range: 0.251" - 0.312", flush head, aluminum sleeve, steel stem

NAS1919B05S07 Blind Rivet
5.21 USD

Fastener Length: 5/8",

CCR264CS3-07 Blind Rivet
1.85 USD

diameter: 3/32", grip range: 0.376" - 0.437", flush head, corrosion resistant

NAS1097AD5-12 Solid Rivet
44.81 USD

length: 3/4" diameter: 5/32", flush shear head, aluminum alloy, roughly 640 pieces per pound

CR3213-8-08 Blind Rivet
3.05 USD

diameter: 1/4", grip range: 0.438" - 0.500", universal head, aluminum sleeve, steel stem

MS20470E7-14 Solid Rivet
62.70 USD

MS20470E7-14 Solid Rivet

NAS1242AD4-4 Solid Rivet
72.53 USD

length: 1/4" diameter: 9/64", universal head, aluminum alloy, roughly 2,060 pieces per pound, NAS1242 series rivet

MS20605AD3C3 Blind Rivet
0.86 USD

Fastener Length: 1/4", sold in increments of 47