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MS35769-29 Gasket
3.50 USD

inner diameter: 1-3/16, thickness: 3/32", copper encased gasket

MS35769-8 Gasket
1.08 USD

inner diameter: 7/16, thickness: 3/32", copper encased gasket

AS4824C08 Conical Seal
4.95 USD

AS4824 series seal

MS35769-6 Gasket
1.12 USD

inner diameter: 3/8", thickness 3/32", gasket

MS35769-17 Gasket
1.35 USD

inner diameter: 13/16", thickness 3/32", copper

AN901-16A Gasket
1.70 USD

tube outer diameter: 1", thickness aluminum

AP50N06 compression tube hose fit sleeve
14.50 USD

size: 6, flared

AS3492-01 Gasket
3.00 USD

Length: 4-1/4",

AS4824C06 Conical Flared Tube Fitting Seal
1.95 USD

copper, AS4824 series seal

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