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MS20995C91 Safety Wire
31.25 USD

MS20995C91 Safety Wire

NAS1837T3 Installation Tab
1.60 USD

NAS1837T3 Installation Tab, Plastic

MS20995NC40 Safety Wire
131.93 USD

wire diameter: 0.040", monel (nickel-copper alloy), for temperatures below, 700 degrees

MS20995CU20D Safety Wire
73.92 USD

Copper material, wire diameter: 0.020", copper material, MS20995 series wire. Superseded by MS20995CY20

MS21315-30 Shop Supplies
7.00 USD

MS21315-30 Shop Supplies

NSA935401-04 Shop Supplies
1.50 USD

NSA935401-04 Shop Supplies

MS20995N20 Safety Wire
89.69 USD

wire diameter: 0.02", inconel (nickel chromium iron alloy), for temperatures 700 degrees and higher

MS20995C41 Safety Wire
30.29 USD

wire diameter: 0.041", corrosion resistant, stainless steel, 1 lb. roll, MS20995 series wire

CB3001AA3-24 Standoff
96.54 USD

CB3001AA3-24 Standoff

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