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MS20995NC32 Safety Wire
89.95 USD

Wire diameter: 0.032, monel nickel-copper alloy, MS20995 series wire

NAS1284B16 Buckle
19.95 USD

black color, NAS1284 series buckle

MS9592-014 Angle Bracket
2.18 USD

MS9592-014 Angle Bracket

MS20995C20 Safety Wire
32.95 USD

wire diameter: 0.02", corrosion resistant, stainless steel, roughly 925 feet, 1 LB can, MS20995 series wire

NAS1756-36 Warning Streamer
5.50 USD

Length: 36", white letters, red streamer, Remove Before Flight, NAS1756 series streamer

NAS1756-24 Warning Streamer
6.95 USD

Length: 24", Remove Before Flight Streamer, 2 feet, red with white letters, NAS1756 series streamer

NAS1756-12 Warning Streamer
6.95 USD

Length: 12", Remove Before Flight, Red with White letters, NAS1756 series warning streamer

NAS1831C3B07 Snap-In Threaded Standoff
5.00 USD

NAS1831C3B07 Snap-In Threaded Standoff

MS9592-020 Angle Bracket
3.89 USD

MS9592-020 Angle Bracket

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