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Recently updated, revised, price adjusted, and amended parts in our nuts category.

NAS1423C4 Plain Hexagon Nut
6.80 USD

Thread Size: 1/4", Nut Height: 1/8", Head Width: 3/8",

MS14144-4 Self-Locking Extended Washer Nut
3.25 USD

thread: 1/4-28, self locking, lightweight, cadmium plated, castellated, locknut, MS14144 series nut

MS14145-5 Self-Locking Extended Washer Nut
4.25 USD

Thread Size: 1/4", Nut Height: 1/4", Head Width: 3/8",

NAS1329H4K200L Plain Blind Rivet Nut
2.95 USD

Thread Size: 1/4", Nut Length: 3/4

22FH524 Self-Locking Nut
1.25 USD

hexagon, regular height, carbon steel, thread size: 0.312-24

MS17825-5 Self-Locking Slotted Hexagon Nut
2.05 USD

thread: 5/16-24, self locking, hexagon, non metallic insert, locknut, MS17825 series nut

NAS1473A3 Self-Locking Nutplate
4.50 USD

thread: 10-32, self-locking, capped, two lug, steel nut and shell, NAS1473 series nutplate

MS9201-03 Plain Hexagon Nut
9.50 USD

Thread Size: 3/8", Nut Height: 1/4", Head Width: 5/8", drilled

AN924-4 Plain Hexagon Nut
6.50 USD

outer diameter: 1/4", thread: 7/16-20, bulkhead and universal fitting, steel

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