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212-2 Drill Bit
4.95 USD

size: 1/4, length: 1", point size: #2, torq-set

ELB721 Cable Tie Gun
19.95 USD

A compact, economical, easy to use tool for tightening and flush cutting cable ties. Its one handed operation lets you to draw the cable tie to the desired tension, and cut it flush with a simple twist of the wrist. Its compact design makes it a great choice for tying off cable harnesses, or securing fixtures in confined spaces. It will easily handle any length cable tie from 2.4mm to 4.8mm wid

20RNK Rivnut Installation Tool
89.95 USD

Includes tool, nosepiece, and mandrels in sizes 6-32, 8-32,10-24, 10-32, and 1/4-20. Also contains assorted rivenuts. Complete with case.

E900-005 Cable Tie Gun
39.95 USD

Fully automatic cable tie gun pulls nylon ties to the correct tension and then cuts it flush. Adjustable tension control wheel allows you to adjust cable tension from 20 to over 200 lbs. Sturdy construction with all-metal moving parts to last a lifetime.

1341A Rivet Removal Tool
74.95 USD

Our rivet removal tool easily and accurately removes rivets by drilling out only the head. Rivets are cleanly removed without damage to the rivet hole or aircraft skin. Fits any 1/4" air or electric drill. Our rivet removal tool comes complete with four threaded drill bits and guides for removing 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16" universal head (AN470) solid rivets. Made in U.S.A.

1341S Rivet Removal Tool
94.95 USD

Serrated nosepieces, Drill depth control, Knurled comfort grip, Works with any drill, Smooth operation. This innovation to our rivet removal tool allows it to remove those stubborn Pop, Avdel, Cherry-Q, and other blind rivets. The serrated nosepiece fits over any button head, round head, or universal head rivet and locks in place to keep it from spinning as it's being drilled out. This rivet removal tool will also remove solid rivets. Our rivet removal tool comes complete with four threaded drill bits and guides for removing 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16" universal head (AN470) solid rivets.

1341-BITS Replacement Drill Bits
21.95 USD

Set of replacement drillbits for 1341 rivet removal tool. Contains 5000-10L, 5000-21L, 5000-30L, 5000-40L.

HLK-1-8 Hi-Lok Hex Driver
18.95 USD

Tip: 1/8" hex. Use these drivers to keep Hi-Lok fasteners when installing with hand wrenches. Hex tip can be replaced as needed. Comes complete with tip and installation wrench.

130 Rivet Cutter
29.95 USD

Cuts from 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" and 1/4" diameter rivets. Uses leaf spacers to precisely set the length of the cut. The length of cut is adjustable from 5/32" to 21/32" in 1/32" increments.

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