Aeronautical Standard Tube To Hose Elbow

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hose inner diameter: 3/8", tube outer diameter: 3/8", thread: 9/16-18, flared tube to hose - aluminum

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AN838-6D Features and Spec.

Thread Class:
3a 1st end
Thread Class:
3a 1st end bulkhead
Connection Style:
Beaded (hose) 2nd end
Connection Style:
Flared (tube) 1st end
Leg Length:
1.734 inches nominal 1st end
Leg Length:
1.937 inches nominal 2nd end
Connection Type:
Threaded external tube 1st end
Connection Type:
Unthreaded external hose 2nd end
Thread Size:
0.562 inches 1st end
Thread Size:
0.562 inches 1st end bulkhead
Seat Angle:
37.0 degrees 1st end
Flow Angle:
90.0 degrees
Inside Diameter Hose Accommodated:
0.375 inches 2nd end
Outside Diameter Tube Accommodated:
0.375 inches 1st end
Aluminum alloy 2014 overall or aluminum alloy 2024 overall
Material Specification:
Qq-a-225/4,t6 fed spec 1st material response overall or qq-a-225/6,t6 fed spec 2nd material response overall
Media For Which Designed:
Hydraulic fluid 1st response
Surface Treatment:
Anodize overall
Surface Treatment Specification:
Mil-a-8625,ty 2,cl 2 mil spec single treatment response overall
Thread Series Designator:
Unjf 1st end
Thread Series Designator:
Unjf 1st end bulkhead
Specification Data:
88044-an838 government standard

Additional Information

SKU / Model: AN8386D
Minimum Qty (MOQ): 1
NSN: 4730-00-194-1059
FSC: Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, and Railing Fittings / 4730
National Motor Freight: 051400, Pipe Fittings Aluminum
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