Aerospace Hardware Series Guide

Part number series General categories
Aeronautical Standard
AN3 - AN365 Bolts, cables, fittings, nuts, rivets, screws.
AN366 - AN656 Pins, rod ends, screws.
AN665 - AN117080 Bolts, clamps, filters, fittings, gaskets, nuts, pins, rings, rivets, rod ends, screws, shop supplies, studs, washers.
Military Standard
MS9168 - MS16108 Bearings, bolts, clamps, fittings, gaskets, nuts, o-rings, pins, plugs, rivets, screws, shop supplies, washers.
MS16187 - MS16634 Bolts, dowel pins, nuts, lock rings, and studs.
MS16637 - MS20253 Machine keys, nuts, shoulder scres, and terminals.
MS20257 - MS21261 Bearings, bolts, electrical, hinges, nuts, pins, pulleys, screws, washers.
MS21262 - MS24371 Bolts, clamps, fittings, nuts, screws.
MS24388 - MS24405 Currently unavailable.
MS25083 - MS27640 Bearings, bolts, clamps, fittings, electrical, nuts, screws.
MS28782 - MS35691 Nuts, o-rings, screws, switches, washers.
MS28782 - MS35691 Bearings, bolts, clamps, electrical, fittings, nuts, o-rings, screws, studs, washers.
MS35743 - MS172370 Bolts, cables, caplugs, clamps, fittings, gaskets, inserts, nuts, rings, rivets, screws, washers.
National Aeronautical Standard
NAS1 - NAS330 Bolts, bushings, screws, spacers, washers.
NAS333 - NAS491 Bolts, pins, plugs, screws, washers.
NAS492 - NAS574 Bolts, bushings, fittings, grommets, nuts, screws, washers.
NAS577 - NAS1044 Bolts, brackets, bushings, nuts, o-rings, rings, screws, washers.
NAS1045 - NAS1221 Bolts, collars, inserts, nuts, pins, rivets, screws, shop supplies, spacers, washers.
NAS1222 - NAS1401 Bolts, clamps, inserts, nuts, rivets, screws, washers.
NAS1402 - NAS1994 Bolts, clamps, fittings, nuts, inserts, o-rings, screws, rivets.
Cherry Aerospace
SPS Technologies
MAC Fasteners
Wastern Wire