Cherrymax® Blind Rivet

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diameter: 0.267", grip range: 0.188" - 0.250", 100°, flush head - locked spindle - oversized diameter - 5056 aluminum sleeve - 8740 steel stem

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SKU / Model: CR3242804
Product Series: CR3242
Pack Weight (Approx.) 0.000 lb
Minimum Qty (MOQ): 100
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$1.10 Ea




diameter: 0.267", grip range: 0.251" - 0.312", 100°, flush head - locked spindle - oversized diameter - 5056 aluminum sleeve - 8740 steel stem


Fastener Length: 3/4in.


Fastener Length: 5/8in.


Fastener Length: 37/64in.

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I am really pleased with the customer service I received. Very communicative, and the items are available at decent pricing.


Recently my avionics technician and I were installing a component in my aircraft and there were some critical fasteners missing from the manufactures package. This stopped the entire process. I called Military Fasteners after finding the parts on line, and Trisha answered the phone. I told her the situation and that I needed them ASAP. I found the parts gave her the part number and she confirmed they were in stock. This was about 430 in the afternoon just before closing. Trisha was kind and professional got the parts out the door that evening even though it was after the shipping cut off. Saved the day. I can tell you this entire company is represented by Trisha, anything they can do to help you out of a jamb they will absolutely go the extra mile and Trisha is the go to person. I am sure there are others there with her same attitude and professionalism. This is a great resource for all your fasteners needs.


Fast friendly amazing to work with, some of my favorite people work there!!! First choice Always!!!!


I am very happy with all the orders I get from Military Fasteners, very good and fast service, Very friendly staff. Thank you.

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