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Hand Fastener Installation Tools

29-TP35AHTLN Alternate: 9916-35-AHT-BB Quarter turn install tool, Southco, 29-TP35 series tool $795.00 Each 1 per pack
9916-35-AHT-BB Alternate: 29-TP35AHTLN Quarter turn install tool, 9916-35-AHT series tool 9916-35-AHT-BB $795.00 Each 1 per pack
G29 Length: 9' 1/4", 13 ounces weight, Cherry hand riveter tool, installing nutplates and rivets, install 3/32 and 1/8 rivets. $139.95 Each 1 per pack
TP35AHT Alternate: 9916-35-AHT-BB Used to install dzus fastener pfsc35, PT3.5A-HT $795.00 Each 1 per pack