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22022 Plain Hexagon Nut. Thread Size: 1/4", Nut Height: 29/64", Head Width: 1/2 1/4-24 Hexagon Copper
AN800-3 Tube Fitting. Length: 1/2", union cone, AN800 series fitting Copper
AN805-3 Tube Coupling Nut. Tube outer diameter: 3/16", thread: 3/8-24, brass, hex union, AN805 series fitting 24 tpi Copper
AN824-8 Tube Tee. Tube outer diameter: 1/2, thread: 3/4-16, flared tube, steel Copper
AN832-4 Tube Nipple. Union, Flared Tube, 3/8 Bulkhead and Universal, 1/4" Tube DIA, 7/16-20 Thread, Copper
AN910-4 Pipe Coupling. Thread: 1/2, pipe to pipe, copper alloy, AN910 series fitting Copper
AN915-1 pipe elbow. Pipe thread: 1/8", pipe internal to pipe external, male to female, copper alloy Copper
AN961-10T Flat Washer. Hole Diameter: 1/4", Diameter: 1/2", AN961 series washer Copper
AN961-6T Flat Washer. Hole Diameter: 1/8", Diameter: 3/8", AN961 series washer Copper
AN961-8T Flat Washer. Hole Diameter: 1/8", Diameter: 3/8 Copper
BACB28AT06B010C Sleeve Bushing. Length: 3/32 Copper
D436-36 Alternate: D-436-36 Conductor Splice. 20-26 gauge, D436 series splice Copper
M39029/1-100 Electrical Contact. Size: 16, fits series: MIL-T-81714 terminal junction, use insertion / removal tool M81969/14-02 Copper
M39029/11-144 Electrical Contact. Male pin, size 22, fits series: mil-c-81659 series, use insertion/removal tool m81969/1-01 Copper
M39029/31-229 Electrical Contact. Pin, size 16, fits series: mil-c-26482 ser i, mil-c-26500, mil-c-26518, use insertion / removal tool m81968/14-03 Copper
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