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Product Thread Style Material
MS15795-904 Flat Washer. Hole Diameter: 1/8", Diameter: 5/16", Thickness: 1/32 Copper
MS25083-2CC6 Electrical Lead. Stud size 1/4", last number indicates length in inches, bonding jumper assembly, MS25083 series lead Copper
MS25226-4-10 Conductor Bus. Studs: #10, last number indicates number of stud holes in assembly, terminal link, MS25226 series conductor Copper
MS35333-108 Lock Washer. Hole Diameter: 1/4", MS35333 series washer Copper
MS35335-88 Lock Washer. External teeth, brass, MS35335 series washer Copper
MS35426-26 Plain Wing Nut. Thread Size: 1/4", brass 10-32 Copper
NAS76A4-008 Sleeve Bushing. Length: 1/4", Copper
Product Thread Style Material
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