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Product Thread Style Material
10394D8K Loop Clamp. Diameter: 13/64", plastic polytetrafluoroethylene cushion Aluminum
140-001-1 Flat Washer. Hole Diameter: 1/8", Diameter: 1/2", for rivet use Aluminum
140-001-5 Flat Washer. Hole Diameter: 1/4", Diameter: 5/8", Thickness: 1", anodized Aluminum
1601-0512 Alternate: D-0512B Solid Rivet. Fastener Length: 1/2", low carbon steel, black phosphate coated Aluminum
1604-0412 Solid Rivet. Fastener Length: 1/2", Aluminum
2209 Spacer. Thread Size: 1/8", Nut Height: 3/8", Head Width: 1/4" 6-32 Hexagon Aluminum
22FH-624 Alternate: 22FH624, AN363-624 Self-Locking Hexagon Nut. Thread: 1/4-24, Material: Aluminum, Head Style: Hexagon, 22FH series nut 1/4-24 Hexagon Aluminum
3590-S3 Positive Lock Receptacle. Length: 36", section strip Aluminum
3595-S3 Positive Lock Receptacle. Three (3) foot section strip, 3595 series receptacle Aluminum
3SLC-C12 Collar. Anodize aluminum alloy, 3SLC series collar Aluminum
471-4D Alternate: MS27404-4D Straight Tube To Hose Adapter. Thread Size: 3/4, Aluminum
8215-A-0440-17 Electrical Post. Thread Size: 7/64", Nut Height: 1/2", Head Width: 1/4" 4-40 Hexagon Aluminum
8422 Spacer. Thread Size: 1/8", Nut Height: 3/8", Head Width: 1/4" 6-32 Hexagon Aluminum
92392-1 Nut. Thread Size: 19/64", Nut Height: 5/32", Head Width: 1/2" 1/4-24 Hexagon Aluminum
95105A135 Plain Blind Rivet Nut. Thread: 10-32, drill bit size: 19/64", zinc yellow chromate plated steel, rivnut 10-32 Aluminum
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