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Product Thread Style Material
AN924-8D Alternate: AS5178D08, MS24400D8 Plain Hexagon Nut. Nut, Tube, Bulkhead and Universal Fitting, 3/4-16 Thread, Aluminum 3/4-16 Hexagon Aluminum
MS20426AD5-11 Solid Rivet. Length: 11/16", diameter: 5/32", countersunk precision head, roughly 700 pieces per pound, aluminum alloy, MS20426 series rivet Aluminum
MS27130A93 Alternate: NAS1330A08-106, MS27130-A93, AEIA8-106, A8-106 Plain Blind Rivet Nut. Grip range: 0.065" - 0.106", thread: 8-32, aluminum, countersunk head 8-32 Flat Countersunk Aluminum
NAS1080C06 Pin-Rivet Collar. NAS1080 series collar Aluminum
NAS1635-06-44 Socket Head Cap Screw. Fastener Length: 2-3/4", Thread: 6-32, Thread Length: 2-3/4 6-32 Pan Stainless Steel
NAS1919B06-13 Blind Rivet. Fastener Length: 31/32", Aluminum
Product Thread Style Material
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