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Product Thread Style Material
MS24693-1B Machine Screw. Fastener Length: 3/16", Thread: 4-40, Thread Length: 1/8", MS24693 series screw 4-40 Flat Countersunk Steel
MS24693-24B Machine Screw. Fastener Length: 1/4", Thread: 6-32, Thread Length: 1/4", flat head, black oxide, MS24693 series screw 6-32 Flat Countersunk Steel
MS24693-25B Machine Screw. Fastener Length: 5/16", Thread: 6-32, Thread Length: 1/4", black oxide 6-32 Flat Countersunk Steel
MS24693-26B Machine Screw. Length: 3/8", thread: 6-32, corrosion resistant steel, black oxide coated, countersunk, flat head, MS24693 series screw 6-32 Flat Countersunk Stainless Steel
MS51957-33B Machine Screw. Fastener Length: 7/8", Thread: 6-32, Thread Length: 7/8", pan head, black oxide 6-32 Pan Stainless Steel
NAS1352-08-16 Socket Head Cap Screw. Length: 1", thread: 8-32, socket head, black oxide finish alloy steel 8-32 Steel
Product Thread Style Material
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