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Product Thread Style Material
12387327-3 Flat Washer. Hole Diameter: 3/8", Diameter: 3/4", Thickness: 1/8", 12387327 series washer Steel
2350-18-Z3CT Alternate: R35 Turnlock Fastener Receptacle. Size 3, receptacle rigid, zinc trivalent clear finish steel, 2350-18 series stud
2350-18F-Z3CT Turnlock Fastener Receptacle. Size: 3, floating receptacle, zinc trivalent clear finish, includes 2 spacers, 2350-18F series stud
4002-G Alternate: 1142900-1,4002G Turnlock Fastener Eyelet. Panel thickness 0.074", maximum dimpled panel thickness 0.064", requires retaining ring, flush head, cadmium plated steel,
4002-H Grommet. Grommet, NSN 5325-00-282-7463
82-11-160-20 Turnlock Fastener Stud. Stainless steel - slotted recess - length: 0.31 Stainless Steel
82-11-340-16 Stud. Diameter: 3/8", steel overall Steel
82-19-280-16 Stud. Diameter: 3/8", steel overall Steel
85-35-295-20 Turnlock Fastener Receptacle. Stainless steel - length: 1.000", thickness 0.367
8981021343 Machine Bolt. Fastener Length: 14-", Thread: 8-- Steel
A-A-55487-8 Alternate: AA-55487-8, AA55487-8 Lock Pin. Prong length: 0.88", zinc, lock type, Steel
ACN832 Acorn Nut. Zinc plated steel, thread: 8-32
AN806-4 Alternate: AS5168-04 Threaded Tube Fitting Plug. Outer diameter: 1/4", thread: 7/16-20, flared tube, steel, AN806 series plug Steel
AS15001-2P Alternate: 1680-AS Lubrication Fitting. Thread: 1/4-28 taper, straight fitting, lubrication hydraulic surface check, steel, AS15001 series fitting Steel
AS15001-3P Alternate: MS15001-3 Lubrication Fitting. Thread: 1/4-28 tapered, hydraulic surface check, steel, zinc, 1637-AS, AS15001 series fitting Steel
Product Thread Style Material
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